microintervalic guitars

microintervalic guitars

The microintervalic guitar quartet was born from an idea by Osvaldo Budón, organized by him in the framework of the Escuela Universitaria de Música, financed by CSIC, the research central service of the Universidad de la República, project to which we incorporated, Gonzalo Pérez and I, in 2013.
The idea consisted in creating, after theoretical research on intonation and specialized instrument building, a collective instrument with various conditions: a large local participation in the diverse regional musical genres, concretely imposed itself the guitar; a collection of intervals very small and very diversified, without the difficulty of very close frets; an individual personality for each component of the collectivity.
The incarnation of the idea is a guitar quartet, microintervalic, of mobile fingerboard with various intonation systems, a collective instrument with multiple personalities. The quartet was built in 2015, and its repertoire began to develop.
The current phase of the project is oriented towards formation of composers and interprets and generation of repertoire for the quartet.

Documentation of the quartet

Fabrice Lengronne: Cuatro guitarras para una infinidad microinterválica (2019),
synthesis of the project and its realisation
pdf (cast)

Quartet in twelfths of tone, technical documentation
notes collection, frets position, notation
pdf (cast-fr-en)

Quartet in harmonic intonation, technical documentation
notes collection, frets position, notation
pdf (cast-fr-en)

The quartet in concert

Gonzalo Pérez: Décima (2015)
concert during
Monteaudio15-entonación Festival, Casa Bertolt Brecht, Montevideo, October 22, 2015.
Santiago Bogacz, Nicolás González, Gonzalo Pérez, Gonzalo Varela
recording on sound cloud

Osvaldo Budón : Estudio de quintas nº 1 (2016)
concert of the Núcleo Música Nueva, August 31, 2016, Sala Zavala Muniz, Montevideo.
video on youtube

Sebastián Nabón : Aproximaciones (2017)
for guitar IV of the quartet in twelfths of tone
concert of the Núcleo Música Nueva, June 6, 2018, Sala Zitarrosa, Montevideo.
studio recording, on vimeo